Whitetail buck without antlers


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Aug 17, 2004
Ft. Worth
This is a first for me, I shot a rather large deer by Texas Hill Country standards, field dressed to 100 lbs. Big thick necked rutting animal...without antlers. Any ideas on what may cause this? He did have all of his plumbing, by the way.


It's not uncommon, I've shot several bucks with antlers broken off fairly close to the head. I don't know if they get too rammy early on with still soft antlers or just wear them off to look like "girly deer".
These were not broken off near the head. This was a mature buck in full rut, that had absolutely no signs of any antler growth.
Doea anybody know of any websites that might shed some light onto this subject?
**** deer are getting too smart! Now they are going into stealth mode
This Buck could've been in his declining years (an old man), and just didn't have the stuff it took to grow em anymore. Did you age him???
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