Which Companies Are Making Rifles in .408 Chey Tac?


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Jul 10, 2001
I'm very interested in getting a rifle in .408 Chey Tac, but have only been able to find one company, Prarie, that is making rifles in .408 Chey Tac. However, as good as Prarie is, they're a Canadian company. I really don't like buying rifles from companies that are not in the US because you have to send your rifle out of the States to have any work done on it. The same problem with AI. Both the British and Canadian governments are fickle, liberal-based, anti-gun Governments. With a wave of the pen they could make it illegal for you to send your rifle into or out of their countries. Thus a lifetime warranty from a company that you can't ship to - is worthless. Sorry to be so long-winded, but I'm interested in strictly American made rifle companies. Thanks.
I know EDM ARMS makes the two original rifles, Mcmillan makes an action big enough to handle it but you might have to get someone to barrel and chamber it.Than again they might be interested in getting the reamer.Maybe!
You could also get the EDM action for around 1,400 dollers
send it to a good gunsmith and have him build it.
Give George Gardner of GA Precision a call at (816) 221-1844. Several guys on this sight have his rifles and can vouch for his quality. I don't know if he has built the 408 yet but it's worth a phone call.
I'm going to have my .408 build by Prarie. Canada is one of many allies of the US and we share the same continent so I don't really care. The military trusts them and so do I.
John M. - I'm interested in a hunting rifle.

Chris Matthews - I'll call them, thanks.

Nighthawk - The military will ALWAYS be able to export and import weapons. YOU, unless you're part of the military, will be UNABLE to do so in the event of ANY legislation banning this activity brought about by any liberal Canadian Government. Remember, you used to be able to take a rifle into Canada without any real problems; just had to tell them what you were doing with it. Now, it's paperwork city. Permits and everything. ALSO, if anybody steals your firearm while you in Canada and commits ANY CRIME with it YOU ARE LIABLE FOR THEIR CRIME. That's right, if someone steals your rifle from the airport in Ottawa and goes out and kills someone with it, you - as owner of that rifle - will be brought up on MURDER charges. Now given a liberal Government mindset such as this, it really wouldn't be a far cry for the Canadian Government to ban the CIVILIAN importation and exportation of firearms. Once that happens - WHO ARE YOU GONNA GET TO FIX YOUR RIFLE?????????????????
Hi Roadrunner:

You are of course entitled to purchase a
rifle from anywhere you like. If you choose
not to do busines with a Canadian firm that
is also your right however you do need some
education on a couple of points.

1. You will not be charged with murder in
Canada if someone steals your rifle and kills
somebody. I cannot imagine where you heard
this but it is completely false. Please feel
free to post a source to this.

2. It is currently FAR more difficult for
a Canadian to bring a rifle into the United
States for hunting or sporting purposes than
it is for an American. Canadians now must
apply to the ATF for a form 6 to import fire-
arms. This can take several weeks. The
bottom line is that both systems suck and
neither will prevent crime with firearms.

3. The U.S. State Department has recently
made it much more difficult for us to obtain
components (barrels, triggers,etc.) from
American sources without a ton of paperwork
first. This is another feeble attempt at
crime control and smacks of the exact same
mindset of Liberal bureaucrats in Ottawa.

IMHO WE ALL have a lot of work to do to
ensure we remain free (or relatively so)
and despite the added cost and hassles put
in place by the American Government that
hinder both my business and my leisure I will
continue to support my American BloodBrothers
as they have and contniue to support us.

All the best.


I am at the moment considering one of Ross's rifle actions and this is from way down in Australia.

What is there to "fix" on the rifle that can't be done right where you are.

I think the main difficulties are initial papaer work to import the rifle or action, unless Ross has some agent in USA. For example, in Australia, Nesika Bay is an easier option than PGW because we have an import agent that brings in HSPrecision, Nightforce and Nesika.

However, if there was a problem, we would not waste our time sending a rifle back to America. I am sure that Ross could "authorise" someone in the USA who is near you to fix whatever might go wrong. Remember that what coulld go wrong is probably limited to broken extractor, springs etc.

Here Here Lets not forget what this forum is about!!!!!!!!
As of to date I don't believe Ross or anyone else has had a problem. From all the comments I've heard of Ross there is not a problem,he tries to tell you up front how long it will take and try to make special arrangements for you if need be!!!
Yes it is good to buy in the U.S.A. but it's also good to support those that help us.

I just ordered a m-18sts action from ross @ prairie gun works. Ross is a solid guy.
I check around for some time before I made my decision. Ross will tell you (and i'll admit!) that I am a pain is the ***, but he still spend plenty of time with me to help me get exactly what I need.

Also, PGW's reputation is outstanding. I have spoken to people from all over and have not heard one negative comment about PGW.

If you said you prefered a BAT action or some other action I see your point. But to not get an unbelievable rifle because some liberal A-hole has you paranoid....that would be too bad.

and by the way, ross has an importer in Montana so there is no special paperwork on your end.....unless somebody shoots someone with you rifle in Canada while its on the way!

Sorry for the Joke, couldn't resist!

Happy Hunting!
John M. - I've said ABSOLUTELY nothing bad about either Ross or PGW; they make fabulous firearms and they are wonderful people. That is beyond despute. What I HAVE said bad things about is the Canadian Liberal Government, which I suspect Ross has very little if any control over.

Ross - The only answer here is you just gotta move your whole operation down to the States. Think of all the paperwork you wouldn't have to go through. Think of all the potential buyers. The Canadians wouldn't really miss you, much. The tax rate is much lower in the State then in Canada. Come-on, Montana awaits you.
I heard the stuff about the gun owner being charged with murder on the radio a couple of years ago. Some outdoor/hunting talk radio show. Therefore I don't have any way to document it if it's true. But don't they have SOME penalty against the gun owner if his/her gun is stolen and used in a crime???

Nighthawk - Congrats to you to be serving your country in this time of need. As part of the military I'm sure you'll have no problems getting whatever firearms you need. But I'll repeat what Clint Smith said to all the military and LEO's at one of his courses: and that is someday when you retire you'll be back to being a civilian just like the rest of us and THEN all the restrictive gun laws WILL affect you, so you should be concerned about gun laws while you're in the miliatry or are an LEO.
RoadRunner, just for the record. I will continue to get all the benefits when I retire which is when I'm 40, but I don't think I will ever be completly out.
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