Where the heck are Steve and Ernie?

Len Backus

Staff member
May 2, 2001
I just figured it out.

sscoyote and Erniexp were supposed to be on the initial email invite list and somebody whose initials are LGB screwed up. They have now been belatedly invited with my apologies.
Steve and I have been at the first annual long-range 1000 yard handgun competition at Sundance WY.
I am actaully writing this from Gillette WY.
speaking of those guys... Len, did you see the article in the new dakota publication?

I haven't forgot my assignment. I'm already working on it, just a little late due to some other chores, mostly running the company. My apologies and hope to send my article during this week.

Gus, I lost the link? Someone had posted it, you can download a PDF file somewhere.
BTW, Steve would be a great one to do the 500 yotes with a handgun.
I rarely go after yotes, but maybe that will change with my new location:D
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