What removable scope mounts without loss of 0

I use a military style quick mount on rails. But I still have the problem out my zero going off a few clicks. I'on a Howa .223 rifle and I normally remove my scope when I'am carrying my rifle in the car, as the regulations in my country implies that my rifle should be out of my reach from the front seat eg the trunk. Keeping a Dog there i found that the scope it quite fragile.... (you learn something every day). Trouble is the hunting ground is not the best place to zero out you scope. At least I hope thats the reason for my bad luck.... (something to blame, at least.):)
I like the Warne Maxima QD series rings. they're available in five heights and 1" and 30 mm diameter, also matte, gloss, and silver. They fit a Picatinny or (usually) Weaver rails. They're steel but there is a lower cost aluminum model in the "ultra high" version which is right for AR-10s and AR-15s. I like them for swapping day and night scopes. Also for transporting the scope off of the rifle.

They're strong and retain zero after re-mounting as well as other rings I've tried. Installing vertically split rings is different from installing horizontally split rings in that it requires the halves between the scope and base be in tight contact (four torx screws). The two upper screws tighten on the scope, The lower lever tightens on the rail. If not installed that way (for example tightening the top screws first) they're terrible which may have given them a bad name.
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