Loss of Love for Leupold, New scope time.


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Feb 20, 2020
Long of the short, my VX6 HD took a dump at the moment of truth and I missed a 370" bull. Looking for something that can track, and handle the minor bumps of a mountain hunting rifle( I don't expect any scope to get tomahawked and hold zero) and maintain zero. Would prefer to keep it under 28 oz... I know its nothing special and the glass in the VX6HD is much better but my 6-24 gen1 one PST has never failed me in 7 years of hard mountain hunting and its had its fair share of accidental spills(like falling down the mountain with it strapped to my pack) and never shifted more than an inch off zero after even the biggest mishap on the mountain. So basically looking for the reliability and weight I've experienced with that scope but looking to upgrade to better glass and turrets while not being heavy. I've looked at the Zeiss v4&v6 The Mark 5, NX8 and a few others. I want at least 18 if not more 20-25 on the top end. What lighter scopes have you guys had good luck with and recommend? I'll give up a little in glass for durability but it would be nice to have my cake and eat it too.
I personally had a Swarovski S3 do a tomahawk tumble down a rock slide in Co. while elk hunting. It faired quite well, realistically who knows if the scope ever impacted until it’s final skid. The sling length adjustment pulled apart. It muster have tumbled 20 feet in a near vertical rock slide. I picked out a knot on an Aspen tree about 100 yards above me and the 185 grain vld hit 3” high just as it should! Zeiss has tumbled for me as well not as dramatic but still held zero. I’ll never buy a big L again I’ve just had too many problems with not holding zero but there’s never a problem when they get returned to me and they work fine then.

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