What Length in the 7mm PRC

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Jun 30, 2015
Just loaded up some 7mm PRC with 180 ELD Match with Staball HD,it will be shot out of my Bergara HMR wilderness, what length would you start with have 27 shells loaded with 3 sets of different powder charges and want to try some seating depths. My Hornady bullet o/l gauge shows the 180 hits at 3.350". Pete
To add, if those depths do not gel, use the Berger seating depth test.
Personally I've only ever needed to use it on a 3.34" mag box with a cartridge requiring 3.6"+ to reach the rifling due to those above restrictions, in the end I just loaded to .010" under max mag box length and was happy enough. I know you have no restriction, but you might just find tighter groups with more jump than .050"…it happens.

Thanks, I am not going to try and shoot it for pure velocity, I want accuracy, like a old gentleman once said "Only Accurate Rifles Interest ME"!! Besides speed burners are costly in noise, recoil and very hard on barrels and are annoying to other shooters at the range. When you sit at a bench trying to just touch the trigger and very lightly put pressure against it and a huge blast from a tank brake hits you its annoying . Macho is putting 5 shots at 1000 yards in a 4" group , only a very accurate rifle and a well trained Rifleman will do that, Pete
This is too close to the lands with a hot charge and 4x fired Hornady brass.


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That brand brass doesn't appear to handle pressure well.
I've seen primers come out, but haven't had one vent before .
Not yet anyhow