What learned over time building AR's

Nothing like sitting in front of the TV and hand priming three day old sun dried cases. I have an AR sighted in with RMR 69 grain hpbt. I'm taking a long trip to New Mexico for a week and I wanted to take a lot of these fully tested rounds. 26.2 grains of leverrevolution gets them going right at 3000 fps out of a 20 inch with Bench rest primers

The best hand primer I have.Frankford Arsnal.

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I just got back from a New Mexico camping trip. A little dissapointed in the lack of PD's and the colonies that we did find were small and I decided to let them grow and multiply for years down the road. Lots of pretty country quading though with wild turkeys walking around. I was ready with 62 gr HPBT all ready to go at 3100 fps out of my 20 inch non threaded barrel 9 twist with a 8X32 60 mm scope

So i did the plan "B" with the guys and girls. B is for Beer hunting. I bought a couple 30 packs of the cheapest canned beer. So you shake 30 of them up really good and laser placed them out at 200 yards for starters running them out on the quad. Randomly spaced apart in plain view and let shooter #1 take 10 shots for score with side betting going on for the winner. Then we placed them lasered out to 300 yards. It turned into a bench rest beer fest on my friends family property. Then they went to trap shooting.

Shook up beers simulate "Red Misting" varmints. :)