What do you think of the Nikon Gold 1200?


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Jul 26, 2009
I can not afford a Leica 1200, but the Nikon Gold 1200 can be gotten for $349 and the Leica 1200 is $600. I have only been able to get the Nikon to range like the Leica. all the others seem to be very inconsistent.

I doubt I will be shooting out to 1000 yds when hunting. Probably 600 yds max.

Anyone have experience with the Nikon that could let me in on something so I am not disappointed if I get one.

You will like the Nikon for the $$$. I had the Leupold 1500 and it was junk, I returned it for the Nikon 1200 and it always works out to 800yrds with no issues. To get past 1,000 yards I have to be very still and be ranging a good surface. I have ranged moving antelope out to 750 yards, after that they wento ver a hill.

I have only used mine for about 2 months but like it so far. I also have the Nikon 440 and it always works well past the 440 mark, it is great.
If you're not wanting to get over a grand, mine works fine. Any time I want to range out past that, I have to really work at it and its iffy at best. For 800 and under, its great. Unfortunately, I need more than that so I'm going to upgrade to either the swarovski or the geovids.
What color display does the Gold 1200 have? I borrowed a 800 today and the guy said he did not like the display because it was only black and in dark areas it is hard to read.

Mine is black as well. I never really had a problem seeing the display, though. I can't say that I've tried to range in dark conditions but I do use it on nasty rainy days here in Or and never had a problem.
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