What DBM/mag for a 6.5 SS build


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Feb 16, 2017
North Idaho
Hello, I'm currently working on a project building a 6.5 SS. Being that it is SAUM based i'm having trouble figuring out what to do for bottom metal and magazine on a model 700 based action.

It's a low budget build, I don't have money for an expensive custom action so I am making the receiver and bolt myself and just purchasing extractor, firing pin assembly etc. I can cut the action do accommodate whatever DBM I need.

If I can't find anything on the cheaper side I will probably just reverse engineer something and make the bottom metal or just run with a BDL and no mag.
Not trying to be a butt, but on the "cheap" would be a single shot receiver. However, I would personally recommend HS Precision for a detachable magazine and bottom metal. I use their products, they are very well made and everyone that I have dealt with at the shop, or in the office, has been A 1 professional.
Cool project. You must have some real skill.
Any AI compatible bottom, I like PTG or Surgeon.
An AI 308 mag with the feed lips bent open a little works fine for SAUM/WSM cases. As it's a SS mag you'll have plenty of room.
I'm sure Rich will chime in.
Post up progress of your build.
Ill do a step by step build thread once I really start in on it.

I definitely plan on using Rich as a resource, especially considering I live about 2 miles from him.

And no more skill than most of the guys on here, it's just what I happen to do for a living.
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