sherman short

  1. Blaster01

    SOLD/EXPIRED HCA Tikka 7 Sherman Short

    $2600 I have this rifle in a different post but wanted a new one with the pictures of the rifle with the new jcs stock -Tikka action that was gone through by mike at hells canyon armory, smoooothhh -26” benchmark barrel carbon wrapped chambered in 7 Sherman Short, light hunter contour -jcs...
  2. Blaster01

    Tikka- Benchmark Carbon- Hells Canyon Armory- 7 Sherman Short

    $2800 Testing the waters on this. Thinking about selling to get started on yet another build. I don’t have any pictures of the rifle in the current jcs adjustable stock with the ultralight fill. But I attached a couple pictures of it at the end. -Tikka action that was gone through by mike at...
  3. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Save 1000$ on Packlite Titanium Rellik riffles by Straight Jacket Armory

    Save 1,000.00! Regular 5,250.00 now just 4,250.00 Packlite Rellik Titanium rifles On sale until 6/17/18 Orders will ship mid to late August. Just in time for you hunt! As always we provide 2 days of long range training with your purchase on our private range in Evanston Wyoming. Long or short...
  4. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Packlite Ti Rellik rifles made to order

    If your in the market for a light wieght rifle that handles like a full on tactical match rifle these Packlites are just what you need! built one at a time, to your specs. orders are only taken after I personally spend time talking with you about your needs as a hunter. then we craft the rifle...
  5. livetohunt

    What DBM/mag for a 6.5 SS build

    Hello, I’m currently working on a project building a 6.5 SS. Being that it is SAUM based i’m having trouble figuring out what to do for bottom metal and magazine on a model 700 based action. It’s a low budget build, I don’t have money for an expensive custom action so I am making the receiver...
  6. E

    .338 Sherman Short Mag build

    There have been hints that a 338 SS build was in the works, and it is true. Rich and I spoke recently, and he committed to having a reamer built, and I committed to building the rifle. I am extremely excited about the build, and can't wait to get it in my hands. Now for the underwhelming part...