What about the .330 Dakota for hunting?


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Mar 2, 2004
Please tell me about the 330 Dakota.

It seems to be a great hunting cartridge in a hunting rifle of about 8.5- 8.75 pounds, 24" barrel, with scope.

I would like to use it in B.C. and Alberta for hunting elk, sheep, moose, mulies, mountain goat, black bear with the occasional encounter or combo hunt for Grizzly or Brown bears on the coast. Currently, I am using the .300 WSM with excellent results (but have not tackled big bears or had any really close encounters...yet... to warrant anything bigger). All shots should be under 300 yards, but I have killed caribou out to 400yards(.300WSM)and would do so with this cartridge (on elk, moose), provided the right circumstances.

Here is what I found on the .330 Dakota:

1.the published velocities (210gr.@3200fps, 225gr.@3000, 250gr.@2900) are between a .338 win. mag. and a 340 wea. (or almost identical to 340 wea factory loads)- so less recoil than the 340 wea. and about as much as you'd want in an 8.5 pound rifle.

2.It fits a standard length action- so a shorter bolt stroke than the .338 rum or lapua or 340 wea.- this would be good for a quicker follow-up shots on bear or maybe a slightly stiffer action? I would use a Model 70 action.

3. It has no belt, unlike the .338 win. mag or 340 wea. which might make it slightly more accurate and smoother functioning

4. Brass is made (apparently) by Norma, so quality brass is available- yes, I know it is expensive but that is fine for a hunting rifle

To this end, will it fill a useful niche between my .300 WSM and a 375 wea. that I am building? Or will the .300WSM and .375 wea. have me covered - the .375 wea. for combo trips that might include Grizzly or Brown Bears or where hunting in thick, "bear" cover. BTW, I am not looking for an excuse to buy another rifle right now, but please be honest in your appraisal of this situation as that would be my next project

So, what do you think or know about the .330 Dakota and will it fit between my .300 WSM and a 375 Wea. hunting battery?

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This would be a hell of a big game round for all the reasons you list.

Performance wise, it will run closer to the 340 Wby then the 338 Win Mag.

Brass is costly though.

I am not a real believer inb the short action being much faster in action then a long action but thats just personal opinion and for a big game rifle either action can be made plenty stiff for quality accuracy.

It is a great round, hits very hard, compact, moderate recoil energies, in an 8.5 lb rifle it will still be quite lively though.

I would not say that it would be inherantly more accurate then the 338, most 338's I have tuned up for customers flat out shoot and are easy to get to shoot well. Much more so then the 340 or 338 RUM in my opinion. May be due to the fact they are much easier to shoot.

Norma brass is extreme quality brass but can tend to be softer then American brass. If you want to run the 330 to full pressures, your brass life will be slightly limited.

Good Shooting!!!

Kirby Allen(50)
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