What about a 30-338 Win - Ackley Improved?

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    I have heard that the 30-338 Win is slightly more accurate than the 300Win mag and is supposed to be able run right with the 300Win as far as velocity goes.
    Now what if you improved this round , after all it does have a good bit of body taper and very slight shoulders , Woulden't it seem that their would be a substantial gain in capacity , velocity and case life? I would think that it would improve it as much as the 30-06 Ackley did.

    Anybody ever heard of this being done? I was trying to figure a new caliber for a 30-06 barrel that need to be rebarreled
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    Jun 13, 2007
    it is basically the 300 WM with a longer neck. Yes it has shown "slight" advantage over the 300WM, but not much.

    I do not think that you will find that it lends itself to improvement, accuracy and long brass live.

    For simplicity sake go to 300 Weatherby with minimal freebore set up with min SAAMI specs. That is a more powerful round and just as accurate as anything in that power class, plus excellant stock brass and dies.

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    I thought about that but it just seemed so easy!
    The barrel is a 30-06 right now and shoots great , and is probably all the gun that is needed for what I shoot at , I just can't seem to leave well enough alone.