Whachya know...


Nov 1, 2012
International Falls, MN
Hello from Rainy Lake MN, just a huntin, shootin, fishin good ole country boy here... hope to learn from everyone that is willing to share there knowledge... one quick bit, i'd like some opinions on which cal, brand, AR they'd get i dont really know a hole lot about AR's being a "country boy" i grew up with a lever action 30-30 and a pump 12g... looking for something that i can shoot distance with and take out west yote\p-dogg huntin and maybe even down south and kill some hoggs too looking forward to your replies thank you in advance
Welcome. If you are interested in ar's I'd check out the ar sub forum.
I've just got a dpms in 5.56 myself but have plenty of bolt guns to play with too.
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