New Hunter form Oregon Here, lots of experience but still don't know much

Oct 9, 2018
Hey everyone,

Thanks for having me,

I have shot lots over the years mainly going to 600 yards or so as my max, I want to stretch that out this year to at least 1k using the right equipment, if you all have any recommendations on things to learn to keep it on target any help is of course appreciated.

Well thanks for having me and happy shooting.


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Dec 9, 2008
Welcome, don't know what equipment you have. The best way to get out to 1000 yards is to get to a place you can shoot 1000 yards and start shooting. If your rifle is validated to 600 yards it shouldn't take much to push it to 1000. The problem I had was after I hit 1000 I wanted more. Now I'm thinking a mile. ;).

Problem with being from Oregon if you live on the west side of the state is finding a place to shoot that far. I spend my free weekends in eastern Oregon to stretch my rifles out. So welcome and get out and shoot. If you have questions just ask.
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