Weber Custom 300WM Hunting Rifle

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    Jul 8, 2009
    I was invited by Rod Weber to check out one of his ground up custom builds, this one is currently a shop gun. I’m trying to talk myself out of making it mine, but unfortunately for me most of my play money is going into a building project currently.

    I’ve known Rod for a good many years. He is a machinist by trade and a craftsman with a strong attention to detail. One of those guys who will always make his own version of any shop tool/jig because he’ll immediately spot ways to improve on what’s available on the open market. Hell, he even designed and fabricated his own miniature hydronic dump wagon with barber chair hydraulics….just because (photos attached for the fun of it). Rod even hand built his own 50 bmg bolt action and built it into a competition rifle. Shoots lights out.

    Rod’s metal work is on point (as you’d expect from a trained machinist), but his attention to detail on the finish work of his rifles is what really stands out to me. All the lines match perfectly, the transitions from the stock to the steel can’t be felt with the fingernail. He even re-profiled the magazine door because it didn’t quite look like he thought it should. Rod is a one-man show, he does all the metal work, bedding, stock finish work and he Cerakotes in-house. Once the parts show up together at his shop, they don’t leave until they are a completely finished rifle.

    This rifle has an impressive build sheet:

    Defiance Deviant Hunter Action
    Krieger Barrel
    McMillan Game Scout Stock
    Timney Trigger

    As seen in the photos, there isn’t much to complain about. The GAP camo transitions perfectly from the rifle to the stock and back again, professionally executed.

    Rod is working on his website, but he has a sample of his work and other projects up right now. I invite you to take a look

    Currently Rod has a part time gig, but he is looking to go full time into custom gun building. So right now his build times are very reasonable as long as components are on hand or in-stock.

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