Weatherby Vanguard SST .223 Caliber


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Feb 28, 2011
Cincinnati, Ohio
Im thinking about one of these as a new purchase. I dont have a 223 and never owned a Weatherby at all.

I HAD a Rem 700 with a plastic stock for 1 whole day before I ordered a wood stock from Stock's and would the "plastic" stock on the Weatherby be just as flimsy??

I know the action has to be "strong enough" but does it work "slick"? Im wanting a very light weight walk-around varminter and if this is light enough Id stick "about" a 3-9X scope on it for groundhogs and such at 200-250 yards and less distances.

What say you Weatherby fans and .223 fans as well???
My Dad has a 223 Sub-MOA Vanguard (the previous one with B&C stock) in stainless. It's a great rifle, and we use it to hone centerfire skills with cheap ammo. The new S2 Vanguard's plastic stock is much, much nicer than the previous plastic stock and I would not hesitate at all to buy one and try it.

Every Vanguard I own shoots extremely well. Triggers on the original (pre-S2 version) were hit-or-miss but I've learned how to tune them, or you can replace them with a Timney. However, the new S2 trigger is nice enough that you probably won't touch it.

Dad is on his way to TX right now with that rifle to use for coyotes in between deer hunting. It wears the Vortex Viper 6-20x44 that we purchased on sale from Cameraland which is probably a bit higher power than you'd like but works great for us for now.
Dr. Vette: Mucho thanks for the info.

As you say ammo for 223 is dirt cheap and as light as the specs indicate the rifle shouldnt be very heavy. Also thanks for the scope info but I think for the time being that a 3-9X "should" be enough...but that can always be changed.

No problem. I really like that rifle and did the setup on it. I wish I had one like it, but my 223 is my heaviest rifle at 12+ pounds. Don't think I haven't thought of a new S2 myself.
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