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Dec 14, 2007
Many years ago I got caught up in the Weatherby zip & glitz Mark V rifles. The wood stocks would move (warp, swell or what-have-you) almost every year causing the pressure points to create major accuracy problems. I have sent the rifles back to Weatherby on more than one occasion. Weatherby did correct the pressure point problems but the accuracy would not hold from season to season.

Eventually, I brought the rifle to Wally Hart. I had him float the barrel and bed the action. Boy did that turn out to be a bad move. The rifle shot so poorly that I eventually sent it back to Weatherby again. They would not work with the hogged out stock and recommended a replacement. You can imagine what that cost. I had them install a new stock and sold the rifle at a significant loss.

Weatherbys that have thin barrels, pressure points and wood stocks will never find there way back into my rifle cabinet.

I might add that Hart scoped the bore and told me that it was loaded with tool marks.

Just my experience with Weatherby rifles.

Well the first mistake you made was going to Hart, 2nd you could have solved the whole pressure thing with a custom stock not a factory one. as for the vangaurd they are made by howa for weatherby and some of those will shoot better then any custom you could build. i love my Weatherby's i have an Accumark that will shoot 5 shots into 7/8" at 200yrds with my handloads as for the Barnes bullets i never had a barnes bullet shoot fore crap in my Weatherby's factory or handload.

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Dec 26, 2001
Long Island, New York
Not sure what your beef is with the Harts but they have produced some fine shooting rifles over the years.

The rifle didn't need a custom stock. Maybe a synthetic but not necessarily a custom.

I could have used a custom barrel with a heavier contour and a stock that was more stable but that would have left me with a 9 lug action that is all but impossible to get full engagement on.

Why start with a flawed foundation? I bought a few Remingtons at a much lower cost and had them blue-printed and rebarreled. They will all shoot rings around any Weatherby that I've ever seen, including the Accumarks.

It really isn't all that unusual to see a reworked Remington shot .25 MOA and occasionally smallergroups. I've had several that could do it. Even my 7STW Sendero (with Hart bbl) has shoot groups as small as .350" @ 200 yds, and it did it with a Hornady SST hunting bullet, not a match bullet.
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Oct 23, 2002
York, Pa.
Another Weatherby in the safe!

Since this thread was started I have since purchased an Accumark in a 7STW, it was sold as a new factory second. It will shoot the 160gr. triple shocks at 3300+ and group 3 shots in under 1/2" at 200 yards! I would have hated to see what the factory 1st would have shot.

Amazingly too, it would hit 12" rock at over 1000 yrds consistantly in the Artic winds after 3 dial-in shots. My computer genrated click chart was off to due Barnes original flawed BC's for these bullets.

It killed 2 caribou in their tracks at 300 yards 1 shot each, down dead. Just like my .257Wthrby did. 1 shot = one kill!

I have hunted with an individual that has one of the Winchesters in .300 Wthrby and it shoots very well and most important, he can shoot it very too and he likes the rifle.

P.S. I used my .257 in Pa. this year covering the edge of a field anticipating a 300+ yard shot. Killed a heavy horned 8 and one of the does w/him at 80 yrds in the brush behind me, go figure.

TEHO, that is what is great about this beautiful country of ours..God Bless America and Happy New Year.....what to buy or build this year is the dilema of a shooter.


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Jan 3, 2008
Pelham, AL
I am sure that I will catch a lot of flack on this one but here goes, a Weatherby rifle is exactly like owning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. if you are into the GLAM. and social scene they are great. If you are into what really works awesome without the fanfare you will look elsewhere IMHO

No, I would say that Weatherbys are more like Ducatis or BMW motorcycles. Allen Mags, Panda, Bat, those are your Harleys and custom motorcycles. I own a few currently and have owned and sold a few. I love my 7mm Wthby Mag in Mark V Deluxe. German made, was my dad's before mine. It goes boom, animal drops dead. I have NEVER failed to loose an animal shot with that rifle. I also currently own a 30-378 Wthby Mag in Mark V Accumark. Love it. Haven't had the time to play (defined as work up loads) yet, but the rifle shoots extremely well. Bought a .243 Vanguard youth model that would shoot 1/2 MOA but traded that for a Rem 700 22-250 with a heavy barrel. Mistake.

So, for those of you who don't like yours, let me know, I have plenty of room in my closet for another Weatherby (or several). But seeing that "it doesn't shoot well" (for you) I will offer you a discounted offer!



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Dec 16, 2007
I have a Mark V deluxe in LH 30.06. I have shot over 25 deer with it. My second year with it I shot 9 in one year over several different states. It was one of my first rifles. I stopped using it because I wanted something else. Mine was was very heavy and I never liked that. It always shot well. All of my deer were one shot kills. Not all were perfect or anything but that was me and not the rifle. My longest shot was just under 150 yards with most at 50-60 yards. As I like to say it was a meat gun. Worked when I needed it to and that was it. Way to heavy though.


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Sep 9, 2010
las vegas
I love the mark v action. My grandfather uses a 270 Weatherby for elk and dear and has for as long as I can remember. He goes out every year and comes home happy.