Want Your Input! New Stock Design

I agree with @nhenry about the Altitude fore-end. Add an integral spartan/pic rail to the front of it, and have a buttstock/grip like that on the Allterra Arms stock and it would be about perfect for me.
That sounds like the perfect stock for me as well, even without the pic/spartan. Something like the clymr, but cheaper and less geometric.
I really like the Mesa Altitude you guys produced for PA with the exception of the severe drop at the toe. I rule out heavy stocks. Generally, like anything else there are compromises that must be made. We all have varying bone structure and preferences in shooting positions. Adjustable stocks generally pay the price in weight. 25 ounces with integrated pick rail recessed similar to Manners Pro Hunter without shelling out $1k would get me looking hard.
24 oz or less. Carbon fibre. Dual front sling pins/stock strong enough for a rail, fully bedded action area/rest free float, adjustable (preferred) or high comb for ease of line of sight, top grade recoil pad. Low price. <$700 for drop in, for most popular 700, 70, MkV, Vanguard/Howa
I would say basically exactly this EXCEPT I would want a vertical or very near vertical grip
Have you seen our Prairie Varmint? Are you thinking a beaver tail like this?
I had not seen that model. Thanks for sharing.

Similar yes, a little less pronounced on the beaver tail. the traditional beaver tail tends to feel chunky / bulky as designed for varmint rigs. My thought process was more sporter contour overall than varmint. Think of it as beaver on a diet :)
I would like to see more options for Tikka straight from AG. I would also like to see something with palm swell(like a seekins havoc) or a canted pistol grip similar to what GRS did.
It would be nice to have the option to get a full on limbsaver without increasing the pull past 14.5 inches (I'd like to see one with a limbsaver with a pull of 14"). How bout options for mounting an arca rail on the bottom of the forend for shooting off a tripod?
I'd love to see something for TALL people with big hands.
I'm tired of my pinky wrapping under the grip of every stock I pick up.
Longer LOP, 13.5" is too short, my LOP is around 16"
Longer reach to trigger is also a plus.
Not everyone is 5'9" with tiny Carny hands
Also not every stock needs to be feather light. Have a heavy option
Joe Dirt knows you can't just sell snakes and sparklers AG Composites.
PM me for more ideas…