Want to get suppressor for my Tikka Tx3 Roughtech?


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May 1, 2024
Atlanta, Georgia
Recently acquired Tikka TX3 Roughtech 6.5 Creedmoor. I think the thread is 5/8 24.

Thinking about getting a 30 cal so I could use it on other guns.

What is the current procedure to get ATF eform? Can this be done online? They used to require fingerprints and photos.

Mostly for hunting and some targets. Where is the best place to order one?
First you want to settle on what brand suppressor to buy? I personally like AB Suppressor, Once you settle on what you like, find a dealer that handles that particular brand, and the dealer will take it from there.
Not sure what brand of suppressor? Is there a breakdown of different brands? What stands out in particular?
As far as rifle suppressors go, in my somewhat limited experience (I have 2 rifle suppressors), I'd look at some reviews and see what is well rated.

Suppressor info can be a bit tricky though since a lot of people don't have much experience with many suppressors due to all that is involved, so you might get a glowing review about a suppressor, but it's from a guy who just got it as his first, and is super excited about it, but hasn't shot others to know if his is actually good in comparison.

Anyway, with that out of the way, I'd recommend going LIGHT, and not overly long. Made those mistakes with my first, and quickly bought another for a more hunting specific type can.

Buy once, cry once is applicable here.

As far as purchase- my first one was through a local shop with a kiosk to do fingerprints and picture. They walk you through the e-file.

Second rifle can I got through Capitol Armory online. I mailed in fingerprints to them that I did myself at home. You upload a photo, and do the rest online. You connect with them on a computer and they walk you through all the online paperwork. Overall maybe took a little longer than the local shop but very doable, and the suppressor shipped directly to my house which is also convenient in some ways.

I believe you need to have the shop complete the e-file either way, so plan on that. (Unless you do a Form 1 and manufacture the suppressor yourself, in that case you can complete the online filing yourself).
you should seek a class 3 dealer in your aera first , if you find one go see what they have on hand , there is a large demand
now and every one is running low on stock , for my self i use 30 cal cans , a Resonator R2 & a Resonator K shorty
there is only 3 Decibels between the two , also i stayed with YHM for the QD system they have as all of my rifle
has a YHM muzzle brake on them , seems the current turn around times has gotten down two only a couple of days
now for some people, compared to my 277 days for the process , if you want the to your door then check out


my son has a couple banish 30 but they are direct thread .

Not sure what brand of suppressor? Is there a breakdown of different brands? What stands out in particular?
I like my silencer co omega 300 it comes with all the quick detach parts and anchor brake, but I use mine direct thread and a flat front end cap for the smallest and lightest it can be . but recently I want to put it on another rifle which is threaded half-inch 28 not 5/8 24 so all I had to do was buy a different rear cap no adapter https://silencerco.com/silencers/omega-300/
Youre going to screw it on direct thread ...and leave it ...
Therefore as the other wise man here stated AB Suppressor Raptor with a Reflex
10 ring is the top dog ! bar none....

If you wanna keep it affordable just get their 7.62 Warthog ! and be done...

Otherwise The Aero Lahar 30L is another top value for the money and BIG performer
built to last a lifetime...

Form 4 individual may get it in your hands with Efile quickly
I have a Maxim Defense PRS in 6.5 Creed in jail ....she is a rare gem and
gets you 131 DB ....built like a tank and lightweight ....I found one of the few out there
they are as rare as 22 250 brass.....

But thats not work for ya on 30 cal guns....but....6.5 going downward to .224 or .204 is cool ...

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