Want to buy 300RUM or 7mmRUM brass!!!!


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Jul 22, 2012
Guys can anyone tell me where I can get either .300RUM or some 7mm RUM I can neck up to .300??? Just bought a new .300rum remington 700 sendero and my 230 berger's along with redding dies and now I can't find brass ANYWHERE!!!! Been looking for weeks to no avail! :( would prefer .300 brass over 7mm for proper headstamp but 7mm will do. Thanks guys!!!
Yup. Look around for good pricing on factory loaded ammo. There is a lot on clearance right now. Cabelas just ran a bunch out for around $30 a box.
Thanks guys. Do you know if cabela's still has any on sale? Was it all factory Remington at that price or nosler or what? Thanks again!
I went to a gunshow a few weeks ago and was told by one of the venders that remington is no longer producing the 300rum brass for reloaders. He said the only way to get it was in loaded ammo. I don't know if this is true, but its a crappy move by remington if it is.
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