Vv n-170


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Oct 23, 2002
York, Pa.
I was able to pick-up a 2# jug of this cheap. I have and do use N-160 and N-165. Just did a search and figured from conversation it is comparable to RL-25.

Looking for info on this N-170 powder of folks who could be using it in the following:

257 Weatherby Mark V w/115-120 bullet Weatherby (Norma) cases

308 Hammonds Custom Rem 700 (30/8mag) w/180-220 bullets Rem cases

Weatherby Mark V 7STW w/160 -175 bullets WW/Fed cases

Any input or data would be appreciated.
I have used Viht N170 in a .224 Clark, 25/06AI, and 257W, and found that it has a similar or marginally slower burning rate to our ADI 2225 which is sold as HRetumbo in the US. I have included some chrono data below as an example of the above:

Nosler 115 grain BT
Viht N170
62.0 - 3165
63.0 - 3202
64.0 - 3286 (Near Max, slightly compressed load)

Viht N165
59.0 - 3305 (Max)

Wildcat 125 grain ULD
Viht N170
64.0 - 3139 (Max)

ADI 2225
63.0 - 3120 (Max

Wildcat 130 grain FBBCHP
Viht N170
61.0 - 2969 (Mild)

Wildcat 142 grain ULD
Viht N170
61.0 - 2945
62.0 - 3020 (Max)

ADI 2225 (HRetumbo)
61.0 - 2986
62.0 - 3039 (Max)

Wildcat 156 ULD
Viht N170
58.0 - 2773
59.0 - 2820 (Max)

ADI 2225
57.0 - 2782
58.0 - 2810 (Max)

.257 Weatherby (no freebore)
Nosler 100 BT
Viht N170
77.0 - 3592 (Max)

ADI 2225
76.0 - 3561 (Max)

Wildcat 156 ULD
Viht N170
63.0 - 2791 (Near Max)

ADI 2225
62.0 - 2820 (Max)

.224 Clark
100 grain Little BTHP
Viht N170
51.0 - 3120 (Max)

ADI 2225
50.0 - 3091 (Max)

Hope that the above is of some help. Regards, Brian.

Thanks for the shared data. I am curios to see how well it does with the 115 bal-tips as I really like this bullet in the 257W and use H-1000 now. I am surprised to see that you could get the 100 grain close to 3600fps with this powder, but as you stated you have not the 'Freebore'. I use RL-22 with the 100 grainers which many have said it is the floor sweeping from making MRP powder.
N-170 looks like it does very well for you with the heavy Wildcats and 25-06AI. My son is shooting a stock 25-06 with 117's and he told we to leave it alone, he likes what he has now. Planning to take him on his first trip out west this year pending my elk draw. Have a good day.

I see no reason why Viht N170 would not work well with the Nosler 115BT in your 257W, and is definitely worth trying. It would also be worth trying in your 7mm STW, and 30/8mm Mag with the bullet weights you mentioned.

About 10 months ago I tried it with the Nosler 115 BT in my 257W, and it gave average to good accuracy (0.5 - 0.75 moa). Unfortunately my CED Chrono decided it was then too late in the day to give any more readings. Earlier in the day I had recorded with this bullet weight:
78.0 grains H870 - 3338 (Max)
79.0 grains AR2218 - 3291 (Near Max)

About 1 week later I loaded up some cases using the Nosler 115 BT, to chronograph and compare the performance of Viht N170 and Viht N570. I also had some loads using the Nosler 100 BT with IMR 7828, and Re 22. Unfortunately I never got to test them, as several days later my house was broken into, and the .224 Clark, 25/06AI, and 257W rifles were stolen, and as yet not recovered.

Good luck with your testing and hunting. Regards, Brian.
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