Vortex Vipor Scopes


Feb 19, 2010
I just purchased a Weatherby 257 and am looking for a rifle scope for this rifle. Is this a good option for this rifle? What would be a good scope? The rifle will be used for deer and varmints.
I've got a very good friend that has the Vortex Viper 6.5-20X with a 50mm front objective on his varmint AR rifle. For the money...I think it's an excellent scope. Whether it's a good choice for your new Weatherby....I don't know. On my custom .25-06...I have a NightForce 8-32x scope. I use all 32x when shooting prarie dogs at long range...800+ yards.

If the Vortex Viper fits your budget and needs...I'd highly recommend it. Good glass...nice turrets with repeatability...Two thumbs up.

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I shoot a 257 Weatherby with a Burris Black Dimmond 4X16X50. I think they were made for eachother. Very happy with that combo. I had the target knobs installed at the factory. Burris is great to work with:). Bill Maylor..
i have a 6.5-20x50 on my 308 and like it very much. great price too.
What reticle do you have in your Vortex? Been thing of the same for the Remington 700 SPS 26" Varmint 223rem. Been thinking of the Wide V-Plex For Target and varmint hunting.
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