Vortex Razor HD AMG - in MOA


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Feb 12, 2015
I have too many Razor AMG's, so I'm selling one of them. Both are MOA scopes, but one has the new EBR-7B reticle, and the other has the original EBR-7 reticle. The reticles are nearly the same, but the EBR-7B has a floating dot in the middle, while the EBR-7 has a floating cross.

Here's the story... I decided to splurge and buy another AMG to go on my 223 trainer so that I had the exact same scope as on my competition rifle. So I bid on a brand new in the box AMG with the EBR-7 reticle (floating cross) on GunBroker. This scope is still brand new, never mounted, never even had the illumination battery installed.

Then - before the auction was up a demo unit came up for auction with the new EBR-7B reticle (floating dot) for a good price. This demo unit had been mounted in the store, and has been handled, but still has never been in the field. Unfortunately there are some very slight marks in the finish from the rings they used, but functionally it is perfect, and I can assure you the ring marks are so slight that if there's a fingerprint over them, you wouldn't notice them. I figured there was a decent change the I wouldn't win the other auction so I bid on this one too since the price was a little lower, and ended up winning both. I haven't mounted either one yet.

I need to keep one, but I don't really care which I keep as either will suit my needs just fine. So I'm listing both here, and after the first one sells I'll end the posting and keep the other.

Here are the details...

1) Brand new in box - Vortex Razor HD AMG 6-24x50 with MOA Turrets and EBR-7 reticle (floating cross) - $2200 shipped.

2) Demo Unit with very slight ring marks, otherwise as new - Vortex HD AMG 6-24x50 with MOA Turrets and EBR-7B reticle (floating dot) - $1900 shipped.

Pictures are below including a close up of the ring marks on the EBR-7B scope.

I prefer PayPal either Friends and Family (or buyer adds 3%), however, I will consider other forms of payment as well.


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