vortex nomad

joseph floerke

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Dec 9, 2012
Taft tx
have any of yall used it. what yall think. or is there in any other low cost spotting scope that is not a piece of junk.
Bought one from sportsmans warehouse for my Coues Whitetail hunt here in AZ for $234 plus tax. I wanted it to help spot and ID Coues bucks at 500 yards plus. Was not happy with it and had better luck using my Vortex Kaibab 15s. I knew I was taking a gamble and that it prolly wasn't going to show more antler than the Kaibabs and I was right. I also know that I was asking alot of a $350 spotter, and it was worth the try. At high noon it got pretty dark on anything over 40 power. I love Vortex and their products but it looks like I'll be saving for the Razor HD 20-60x85!
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