Vibrating or Rotary Tumbler


Aug 2, 2021
I found some short / stubby SS media that are fatter than the typical pins on Amazon last year. They don't get stick in my primer holes.

Use hot water from the faucet to pre-warm your pins and cases in the canister before adding your cleaning mix (more hot water, SMALL dash of Lemishine, squirt of dawn) helps a lot. I typically only need 30 minutes of rotary cleaning time. Preheating the cases and media cut my cleaning time in half.

I rinse the canister a couple of times w reverse osmosis water (because I have it) before I dump everything out on an old bath towel. I shake out the media from the cases by hand, doesn't take long if only doing a hundred cases.

Leave canister of wet media open for a day to dry and cap for the next time you need it.

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