Very green noobie... Rem700 SPS/ADL Varmint Conversion .223 to ???

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Dec 7, 2009
Hey all. This is my first post to go easy on me as I'm very very green to more advanced firearm knolwedge. Been shooting and hunting all my life but really never got more into it than that...

I'm wanting to know about the possibility of upgrading a .223 Rem 700 SPS/ADL Varmint to a heavier caliber for deer hunting.

I got this one for under $400 new for a black friday deal at Dick's sporting goods, but all they had was a .223. I figured it would be a good gun to buy just to shoot out at the farm and also would be a good Coyote/Javelina pest gun.

I'm content with it like it is, but just wondering what the possibility of upgrading would be if in the future I decided to actually take it deer hunting with me. Maybe a 25-06 or .308?? Thanks!

hey the only thing I see that will give you a problem is the bolt will have to open it up or buy one to fit the case size you mentioned.for me I would rebarrel it back too a 223 but with a varmet class barrel with a 1:9/1:8 twist.then you could still hunt out to 250 yards with a 70-80 grain bullet.I hunt with a 1:12 twist 223 out to 100 yards all the time.just don't like to go past that with a 55 grain bullet.but I may start useing my new 223 with a 1:9 twist some.just need to do some more load testing with it.and yea the mag follower will have to changed.and a 30/06 want work to long.will cause a problem when it comes to mag feeding.
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