Vertical Adjustments

Randy in Va

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Jan 9, 2002
Richmond Va
You are right about the need for vertical for a good scope. I think what is needed is a 50 mm body to realistically do this. Witness the internal SN-9 by US Optics. AT least they SAY they have one on their website. They have not replied to my email about it. Anyone else think or know it is for real and can add information about it.

I will be using a 50 MOA adjustable base to my 20 MOA base that will hold the NF 12-42 for my .408 STILL awaiting a K&P barrel!
I just picked up a USoptics SN3 3.8-22x58mm It has a 40mm tube with 150 MOA of elevation adjustment...WOW!!!

If the figures turn out right then I will have 95 MOA of usable elevation on a 20 moa base.

It will be going on my 338 Lapua.
I'm jealous! 150 MOA! Now if they can deliver a variable to 40-50 with same or more elevation.

I wish you were closer so I could finally look through one.
It was less than half price too, although it was still about the cost of a S&B PII.

I currently own a ST10 fixed 10x scope that I love to use it. They are the clearest scopes on the planet.

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