Vari-x iii


Oct 7, 2013
Can anybody tell me if leupokd can put turrets on this scope. Its a 6.5-20x50 and has a 1" tube. Also im needing to know how much vertical elevation it has and if it woukd work in a 308 to 1000 yards with a 20moa base.

I have a guy wanting to trade this scope for my 6.5-20x44 pa vortex viper...what are u guys thoughts on this. Will i b happier with this scope. I use th gun to shoot targets. Not much hunting

Shane Lindsey

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Jul 13, 2010
Leupold can tell you if they can put in the turrets, you need to tell them the serial number on the scope.

I would think "Newer and probably better glass" might be on the Vortex, just because technology has changed since the Vari-X series.

My Vari-X III is pretty dark compared to the VX-III I have.

I am a Leupy fan but you might want to hold onto the one you got.

Good luck,


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Oct 19, 2006

I have put the now discontinued [since SP got bought out] Stoney Point turrets on Leupold scopes.
Stoney Point Target Knob Leupold Scopes (One Only)

In my history of the 20 big game animals I have killed, 17 were with Stoney Point turrets I put on Leupold scopes:

9 deer VX1 2x7scope with Stoney Point turret

4 deer Vari x iii 1.75x6.5 with with Stoney Point turret

1 deer and 1 antelope Kahles 2x10 that already has an adjustable turret knob.

4 deer 400 yards vari x iic 2x7 scope with Stoney Point turret

1 deer VX3 3.5x10 with CDS turret

But I cannot recommend Stoney Point turrets because:
1) They are hard to find, and now demand a premium.
2) They are really hard, even for a mechanically inclined person to install well.
3) They are not sturdy.
4) They can be floppy.
5) The new CDS turrets are much better. Never mind custom, just the MOA readout.

But Stoney Point turrets get the job done so much better than hold over, there is no comparison.
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