Vanguard Deluxe 300 Win Mag Build


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Dec 2, 2020
This is my first post here. This forum is great. I'm new to rifle rebuilds. I'm researching options for rebuilding a Vanguard Deluxe in 300 Win Mag that I bought used about 20 years ago and am looking for input. I've killed about everything with it, so it has some sentimental value. I replaced the factory trigger with a Timney, but everything else is stock. The 24 in barrel shoots Federal Premium in 180 gr partition or trophy copper at about MOA or maybe a bit above, but groups open up after a few shots. It also hates bullets bigger than 180 gr and especially hates anything coated. I'm hoping to rebarrel with something that tolerates bigger bullets, tighten up groupings, and make this more of a LR hunting rifle. These are the replacement parts I'm looking at. Please chime in if you have any suggestions:

Barrel: I'm looking at carbon fiber barrels so I can add an inch or two without adding weight. The only prefit options I found for Vanguards are Oregon Mountain Rifle and Carbon Six. Any opinions on the two? What's the best barrel/twist rate combo for this cartridge? Carbon Six has a 25 and 26. OMR only has a 26.
Muzzle Brake: I'd like to add a muzzle brake that I can use at the range but remove when hunting. Any suggestions? What are the advantages/disadvantages of 1/2"X28 vs. 5/8"X24 threading?
Scope: I'm replacing a super old, but reliable Leupold VXII? 3-9X50 with a Burris Veracity 4-20X50. Any suggestions on rings or go with the Burris rings? I don't like the look of a rail.
Stock: I want to save the wood stock if possible, more to retain the character of the gun than reduce cost. I've thought about refinishing it with an oil finish and putting a new limbsavr pad on it. It would need to be opened up to float the barrel and rebedded as part of the barrel installation. I saw a wood stocked rifle with a CF barrel that had all its stainless components blued or cerakoted that looked sharp. Is this a bad idea or would I be better off moving on from the wood and installing something synthetic?