300 Win Mag Weatherby Vanguard?????

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    Just picked up a new 300 Win Mag Weatherby Vanguard, but it's the old style with the beautiful wooden stock. Had the bolt bushing replaced because it was on a recall list, but my question is: Does anyone have any experience with this firearm?? I'd like to make a shooter out of it if someone can tell me it's worth the effort. Will definietely bed in a different stock since the stock is probably worth as much as I paid for the rifle! Let me know if you have any experience with the Vanguard. This is the 1st. Weatherby I've ever owned... Thanks!

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    Well , the Vanguards are just a Howa , now thats not a bad thing !! Weatherby contracted out the Vanguards to Howa.
    So any stocks you find to fity the Howa and S&W 1500 will fit the Vanguard.

    I have had two that shot great as factory guns , both under 1" after the trigger was worked and action bedded.
    In all their good guns , the triggers can be adjusted down to an acceptable deer hunting level around 2-3 lbs
    Both my guns were rebarreled and had Timminy triggers installed , now they both shoot into 1/2" range. Their both 30-06's