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Feb 11, 2008
Sacramento, CA
Going out of state hunting in or around Utah? If you don't want to stay in a hotel, you can rent a trailer in Utah from these guys.

Utah RV Rentals.com

We rented a 23ft popout for antelope hunting in SW Wyoming. It worked out great! Much nicer than tent camping or driving to and from town every day.
It was much better than renting locally here in California, then having to haul a trailer halfway across the country.



We also got a generator, which we needed. My only words of advise would be to bring extra water drums and gas cans or you'll run out pretty quickly...
that is a great idea. having been an rv trailer owner for almost 40 years, i have 1 comment. rv trailers and icy roads dont mix well at all. even with 4 wheel drive you will find the trailer wanting to take over the truck. not good. chains will help, but best not move under those conditions.
Our conditions were cool and clear, mostly, with some winds in the first few days. Obviously weather can play a part. What I'm suggesting is a way to avoid hauling a trailer halfway cross the country, and avoid a 100 mile daily round trip from a hotel room to the hunting grounds.

UTAH RV Rentals! Good Job!
Thanks for the post. Things can get too nasty for a truck and a tent and then a Trailer and ATV could save a hunt for those of us who drive a couple of thousand miles to DIY.
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