URSA: SoCal 2 - Recap

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Aug 11, 2009
Light turn out, no wind (early on), and everyone recorded at least one hit at 2086 yards (CRO's measurement, average of three sightings with his Vectronix Vector IV).

After practicing for about an hour we ran two qualification rounds. Two shooters qualified, each with three hits out of 10 shots. The qualifying shooters then shot one record round during which neither hit the target. The event then went into Sudden Death (engaging the target one round per shooter, round robin, until one shooter had an unanswered hit). JMP made a hit in the first round, which was unanswered. JMP came in first and Postal came in second. Since only two shooters qualified and shot the record round, there was no 3rd place awarded.
Notwithstanding everyone getting at least one hit during qualifications, the biggest surprise (really!) was Postal's brother getting two hits in each of the qualification rounds shooting...a 6mm Creedmoor. Regrettably we lost our three .50 cal shooters (before the event) due to equipment issues. Hope to see them at a future event.

The change in setup procedure (setup was done the late afternoon on Saturday) and the corrective action on target visibility and sensor mounting made a big difference. That noted, chit chat and not being ready to shoot as early as possibly, resulted in catching significant wind towards the end of the event. The second IRIS sensor also failed and so everyone was forced to engage in sequence on one target rather than in the planned parallel fashion. At the next event we will be starting another hour earlier and will have even more spare sensors (they were already on order but not yet received; the one spare sensor we had was also NG).

Again, as last month, a big Thank You to JMP for loaning his TRG-42 to aspiring UR shooters.

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Tentative event schedule for Q3'15 to be posted in the next few days.