Two LR deer in Tn.

Charles A

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Nov 7, 2001
The first was a little wierd in that I used a gun that had only been shot too 600 yards(4in groups at that range), because it wears a Burris 3-9x40 with the ballistic plex reticle. Anyways too the story.

My brother in law, and I went to a place that we had just gotten permission to hunt, and didn't really know what to expect in the way of shots, so we took a short range 300win, and Amber's(my GF) medium range 300win mag wearing the aformentioned Burris scope, thinking that it would give us the most versatilty, since I didn't think there would be any true LR shots. Well what do we have once we get to the top? Between three differnt open hilltops, shots ranged from 640 to over 2000yds
. Crap, it would take over an hour to go back to the truck and get the tomahawk, and since there was only about forty minutes of light left, that was out anyways. After talking it over we decided it wouldn't hurt to stay and glass for tomorrow since I had the spotting scope anyways. We lay our packs down and start taking out the gear when I look up and see something on the closest hillside, above a ceder which we had ranged at 642 yards. Well I get the spotting on it and sure enough it was two does just milling around feeding, completly oblivious to us, or anything else. Well I can't take the shot because I didn't have a rifle for that range, or an expierenced spotter. Ah I didn't mention that it was only David's second time hunting, the first I shot a respectable 7 pointer at 278yds, and he had NEVER, shot or spotted past 400. However after watching them for fifteen minutes or so, it was just driving me nuts. I haven't had a chance too shoot any animal past 500 in a while, and here was this perfect opertunity, the hillside was near vertical, with manicured like grass only two inches long or so, and very dark soil. I conferred with David and he thought he could spot the hits, so we decided too pick a spot at the same level out in front of the deer, to zero my scope. Ranged the fenceline behind them at 750 on the dot, they were about thrity yards short of that so went with 720. First shot went about two foot low and one foot left of the target. Adjusted, and sent a couple more shots to get everything just right. All the time the deer hardly pay any attention to the rounds impacting within throwing distance from them. And David can see the impacts perfectly in the dirt( I can see the hits through the scope as well). Well finaly go too the deer which is facing to our left, tell him I'm sending it, and fire. At the shot, I call the shot high, we hear the wet thump of the round impacting. David yells hit and the deer just drops, like someone had cut her legs off. I reload and get back on her, but after few seconds its obvious she's dead, and not going anywhere. After some high fives and a phone call too Amber, to tell her I had just got the first deer with her gun
, not too mention the logest shot this year
we packed up, and headed down the hill, and up the next to recover her. The 178gr AMAX performed perfectly, and poi was as called slightly high of center chest, breaking the spinel colume. Exit hole was pretty much center chest about two inches in diameter.

The next day Amber and I head back to the same land but this time with the tommy. Well as luck would have it we snuck within 50yds of a herd in the woods on the way too the top. Amber made a great neck shot(only shot she had
) on a big butten buck, but we couldn't tell it at the time whene she shot, with her 243win. Drag it to the fence and head back too the top. Get there and once again no sooner then we setup she spots movement in the same clearing, above the fence. Two does, can't get a reading with the rangefinder, but knew it was somewhere close to 775yds. Setup the 300T on the sandbag look at the chart, dial 13.5moa up, no windage. Amber's on the spotting scope, she's quite good at it, tell her sending it, she replies send it, boooom. Amber said she saw a puff of grey just too the left of the deer, wich was almost facing me, leading her to believe I missed. The doe jumped at the shot, but then just nonchalantly walked off. At this point I was fellin pretty crappy as I had to use a cushion to get the sandbag up high enough to get on the deer. Needless to say it wasn't real steady. Not only that, but it was only about 30 seconds from the time we got too the top of the hill 'till I took the shot. So unsteady and rushed. Well we waited about twenty minutes, and just as we were gettin ready to go look, I noticed that I had put about 3/4moa too much on the elevation( it should have been about 12.75moa). Now I was really upset, so just in case I found a clump of grass, took off .75moa and shot. Boom, right in the clump. Great
. Well we get up there, look and look, its dark now, I'm using my surefire, but cant dind a thing, not even the pock mark where the bullet hit. Start to tell Amber lets go, when I saw the hole. Get there and whats this? Hair!! Alright. I hit her, but at this point I still think that it just skimed down her side, thats why Amber saw the grey puff, just hair flying. But I call to Amber letting her know that we got a hit, and to come up here and help. I look around about five feet down the hill where she would have been standing. Nothing. Just out of a hunch, or expierence, I go to the edge of the woods about 15 yards away, look in and just barely caught a glint. BLOOD
Amber and I both start looking. At first its just pin drops, then it starts to be a steady stream, all the way to the deer.
The shot was almost perfect, high center in the front of her chest, exiting right behind her right shoulder, leaving a four and a half inch exit hole.

Well that was very long winded but hope ya'll enjy it.
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