twist rate bullet speed correlation


Feb 7, 2009
Okanagan Valley BC Canada
I just had my Ruger 7mm Mag rebarreled and had a CM 9" twist put on it. What would be the opinion on bullet speed and barrel twist correlation? If I were to load 154 Hornady SSTs should I look at trying to load to an approximate fps for best accuracy? Or the same question for a 160 or 175g bullet. My Winchester 70 in 7WSM does well at 2900 fps with 160 or 162's. The first loads I tried in the Ruger with 160's and 63g of RE 22 averaged 2800fps, and were not as accurate as I can shoot.
I dont usually shoot hot loads in my rifles as I want the brass to last as long as it can. Back to speed/twist stuff, my 7mm08 obviously wont shoot heavy bullets at magnum speeds , so a lighter bullet would be the answer.
What is optimum accuracy made up of? Bullet weight, speed, chamber pressure, powder burn rate, rifle twist, or the side you stick your tonge out of your mouth when you shoot?
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