Turning a 03A3 into a .22-250.


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Jan 7, 2003
Swartz creek Mi
I was going through my old Rifle Shooter Magazines and found in the issue May/June 2004
A Springfield built for Jack O'Connor by Al Bielsen who cut in two and shortened the action to make a .22-250, I have a 03A3 numberd over 800,000 so its a good one. My brother runs a tool and die shop and has evey tool and Machine you could ask for if you were a Gunsmith. I showed him this and a light went on, Hey! we could do this, he builds some bolt actions and he is no Gunsmith he just knows his stuff, every job we do is closer than .0001 of an inch.
Have you ever seen a Springfield turned into a caliber like this, being cut and shortened?
Easier to just put in a mag spacer for reliable feeding of the 22-250 after re-bbl job.
Original 03-A3's in good shape are bringing big bucks. I would not tear it apart for that purpose. Buy a Savage in 22-250 for less than $500 and you will be ahead of the game.
I have been hiting the gun shows before 1976, Believe it or not I got my firs Deer when I was 10
NO BS the old man trained soldures in ww1 and ww2 I never had a dad who would hunt with me
Than came My Brother's father inlaw he hunted me to death. one of The old guy's friends gave me his Springfield and made me promis to take good care of it...#4772 and the guy showed me this was on of the first ones built..1903.
Over the years I have known guys from Pawn shops, dealers and I have a few (bunch) of actions
I have done my Home work nothing under 800,000.
We have build some **** good shooters. They give me a call when one comes in.
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