Reamer for a 22-250 AI


Nov 11, 2007
Northern California
Good Morning! (Here, anyway.)

My smith has ordered a 1-8" barrel for my mid range chuck/coyote rifle and I purchased a "bag" of WW brass to prep for fireforming, etc. I have noticed that the base dimensions are small. (I think many of you already knew that.) Anyway, he has two reamers a std and a .246" neck. The base measure of both seems to be in the .469" range which is about right for the .308 based cases but very big for the .250. (My brass is about .461".) I guess I could form brass from .243 cases or whatever but it also occurred to me that I could buy a reamer. (I know, I could also chamber for 22-243 I guess but have always wanted an Ackley. No logic, really just want! ( I had a 240psp years ago that I loved but have my heart set on a 40 degree shoulder. Tested the design for feeding in my standard short M70 and it's fine. Any recommendations as to a reamer and what I would expect to pay? I imagine my gunsmith has a preference but before I talk to him, I'd value an opinion from someone here.
You will end up with the unsightly bulge above case head similar to what I have above my belt ;) using the Winny brass unless you have a reamer specifically ground for the smaller base. Problem is either buy a bunch of brass or hope the manufacturers never start to make it the way it should be. More costly but Norma 22-250 brass measures about .467 but is over twice the price. Don't think I would do a .246 nk diameter for a hunting rifle but that is my worthless opinion. Mine is a no turn using just an off the shelf Manson reamer. Shoots way better then it should for being a punched out crappy Rem takeoff 222 tube. But the stars were aligned I guess.
Win 22-250 brass

Hi I have just recently fireformed my 22-250AI cases andbtheybwerevRem every one formed perfectly then I fired 10 brand new Win loaded 45gr ammo and every one cracked down the shoulder.
My advice take the Win Brass back and buy Rem or even PMC is OK and Norma is best but you don't want to use a reamer with a base to match the Win cases or you will have to use custom dies as off the shelf dies won't size them anymore.

Cheers Bill
Hadn't even thought of the die problem! Thanks. I may look for a source of Norma brass. In the meantime I'll see if I can mike some Remington at Sportsman's. (I'll need to sneakily cut a bag open, I guess. :rolleyes:
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