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    Dec 19, 2012
    Hello, from Nebraska i'm not from the howdy side of the state but I love it out there. I have looked into your talk forums now and again and easily decided this has the most experienced Shooters and Reloaders out here. My dad a retired custom Reloader he has handed me this Gibbs rifles, a 25 Gibbs and 30 Gibbs, bought n bored by Rocky Gibbs himself. Some of you might say not another "Gibber"Ha Ha. One thing I always say about a Gibbs Rifle is once you find your load "its the sweetest shooter out there" bullets get out there super fast, manageable recoil with devastating hits, I have never had to shoot twice. I need to get a new barrel for the 30 Gibbs, barrel has probably over 5,000 rds through the old military grade barrel still can get first two shots to under 1/2 moa then they start spreading.Id like to ask about that later. Thank-you!