Tru-Spec Softshell?

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    Jan 31, 2013
    I recently have been in the market for a new softshell, I have a condor softshell that has finally worn out after 3 years of hard use. The only compplaint I ever had with this jacket was how short the body of it was, I'm tall at 6'5 and former college football player wide so cloths fit me weird anyway. I found Tru-Spec makes almost the same jacket but in Tall, I searched the web for specs but cant find anything. Anyone with experience, or suggestions, tried on Sitkas, Arc'terex, and had a TAD Ranger hoodie, all sit right at my belt line but creep up when I move around.....Thanks fellas, and fellettes also.

    Thought I should add I normally wear a 2x, but my condor was a 3x