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    I have a few items I'd like to trade for other stuff [​IMG]beside each item is the trade value I place on these items- or the cash price if you want to buy them, shipping not included)

    Stuff I have--
    1 case (200 rds) Federal GMM 168 gr.($125) Traded
    2 sets of 1" Mounting Soultions Tactical Rings (medium hgt)($50 each/set)
    Several hundred each of Sierra 200 gr and 220 gr MatckKings ($20/100)
    2 cases (500 rds each) Winchester 40 S&W 180 gr Ball Ammo($75/case) Traded
    Stuff I need---(value depends on condition)
    TIS Quick Cuff Slings(tan, black or OD)
    Eagle or BlackHawk Stock Packs(black or OD)
    Sierra 190 gr MatchKings
    Let me know if you have something else to trade--I might be interested...

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