took a pig today


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Jun 25, 2003
Aussie in Italy
This afternoon I took a pig for the pan at 268meters(293yards) with my 6PPC.

I head shoot only when I'm using the 6PPC which makes things a little more intersting.

Just to make things even more intersting, my mate got the truck bogged on the way back form picking it up. We go get another truck, and promptly sink that one in the mud too...
Go back home and get the tractor. The tractor sinks up to its' axles in the quagmyer as well.
Hmm now I have to go back in the morning with a grader that is on trax...

Anyways, I liked the shot.

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What bullet do you use in your 6PPC?

I'm toying with having one built and your 300+- yards pig is encouraging news.

Do you find it to be an "accurate" chambering... moreso than others?

Austrailia Poisionous Snakes?? ozelapids Where did that come from... gotta be a story there somewhere.

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Grate shot. Although it soundslike the after math is enough to make the pope sware!
Get a cable and a wench, Block and tackle and heave two!!!
I'm with ya in spirt.

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Dave, I highly reccomend the chambering.
It is renowned as one of the most "inherently" accurate cartridges out there, developed in 1974 by Luis Palmisano and Ferris Pindell for benchrest competition in a .22cal. Later it was necked up to 6mm for shooting at longer ranges(600mBR)

As anemic as it may be I have never found the somewhat meek energy it creates to hinder performance on game. I guess the animals haven't read that book.

My rifle shoots 70gn Nosler ballistic tips best, grouping to .2MOA over 28gn of VV N133, seated to the lands. 3140fps.

I use it a lot for hunting, usually head shots but the odd chest shot does come up with deer.
I have taken fallow doe at just over 300m with a heart shot, finding the base of the 70gn b-tip under the skin on the off side even at distance. The bullets tend to blow up but the solid copper base keeps going.
I big fallow buck I shot front on in the chest at around 70m went about 35m before piling up.

I use it for roe deer quite a lot, body shots and have yet to recover one.

The biggest disadvantage is that it is not very flat, so you can't go out into the field without a rangefinder even if you only want to shoot to 300m.
This is mainly due to the fact that I zero @ 100m, because that puts me on the first dot down on my NF 3.5-15x56 NR-1RR reticle.
The rifle is a Sako stainless/laminate and I usually shoot prone off a bi-pod.

Ozelapids,... well I used to breed Australian elapids (see venomous snakes) and later other stuff when I moved to Italy. These days I've given it up, although I've never had a bite, not because I'm good or great, because I'm careful, but the risks(doctors?
?) should it ever happen here.

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Just a "Light bullet FYI"..
.. I talked with Richard over at Richard's Custom Rifles a few days ago and he was reporting great performance with the 87gr VMax on two whitetails at 560 yards.. As usual, placement is paramount.. Both shots repeated the performance described by Express.. I know these are probably a little bigger than the bullets referred to by Express but basically the same principle..
..Vellly Eeenteresting, mein freunds..
FWIW.. JiNC d:^)

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Say, Dave, for the little gun project, you may want to keep in mind that, if you chamber for a PPC and have any intention of using the gun with a switch-barrel option [very handy, even if sticking with a PPC], you might think about using a .473 bolt face with a PPC extractor. Why?--because you may have the gun built in such a way that you'd also like to switch the barrel out for a cartridge that'd work great at say...450-650 or so yards. The 6PPC or the 6mm Benchrest Rem. case is also a great choice. About 12% more case capacity than a PPC. As you might guess, the 6mm BR case has several alterations, called Tall Dog, or Hot Dog, or Fun Dog...maybe it was Dirty Dog? No, Tall Dog and Waldog are the two that are real, I think, although slip me the beef between the buns, I wouldn't doubt some dude's made one called a Hot Dog or Fun Dog by now. Anyhow, the point is, the 6mm BR case and its offspring do, of course, use a .473 bolt head. Frankly, it doesn't mean **** if you're only going to shoot one thing, but just thought I'd bring it up, because I happen to be in the middle of that endeavor myself, and it's a wonderful journey. Don't under-estimate those smaller rounds--with some of the heavier VLD bullets in smaller calibers out today, they can do a lot of damage down-range at slower speeds of 2000 fps and less. Last year I dropped a young doe with a friend's 6x39 at 423 yards! One broadside shot, though the upper portion of the heart. The bullet exited [was using a 105gr Berger VLD], and I never found it, but it put Rudolph's girlfriend into the spirit world almost on impact. One last thing; the twist rate. Most PPCs will have a 1-14" twist, or 1-15". They work wonderfully for bullets up to about 70grs, but...for me to use them on bigger game, I like bullets of at LEAST 70grs. 1-12" twist isn't bad. On mine I opted for a 1-9" twist, because I can shoot Berger's 95gr VLD bullet. You will give up a pinch of the PPCs performance, gain in other areas. In any case, good luck, run the numbers, and shoot straight.

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