Tikka300wsm accuracy problem


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Nov 3, 2009
I am having problems getting my recently purchased T-3 stainless lite 300wsm rifle to group at 100 yds. the groups can be over 4". I have tried over 20 boxes of factory ammunition from 130gr 165gr to 180gr from both winchester and federal in various types, cheap to the most expensive i could find. I started with weaver mounts and a leuopold vx-3 4-14 ao scope and then tried the factory rings and also a second vx-3 scope with out much difference in results. Ive tried shooting a "clean Barrel" and a "dirty barrel". I "broke in" the barrel cleaning after every shot for the first 50 rounds then went 5 shots for another 50 rounds. I waited for the barrel to cool between shots and am using a "lead Sled" to help hold the rifle steady and reduce recoil.

I noticed the stock has 2 points of contact with the barrel aprox 4" from the reciever(I noticed this when i had the stock off to set the trigger pull, the stock left 2 "marks" on the barrel) . The stock seems to be molded that way from the factory. Is it designed that way? or should those Bumps be removed?

Im sorry for such a long post but I figure the more information I could offer you the better chance of finding a solution to the problem.

I also checked the reciever screws to make sure they were tight.

any help would be greatly appreciated........i got a kansas whitetail hunt in 4 weeks and i was hoping to you this rifle
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The stock should not contact the barrel, that could be the whole problem.

Factory ammo is, well, factory ammo.

Tikka has an accuracy guarantee. Contact them and ask them what ammunition they recommend.
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