Tikka/ Helmick stock


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Jan 4, 2008
Has anyone used a stock by Helmick Arms for the Tikka T3? I'm looking to restock my T3 varmit .223.

I'd like to find some composite stocks for the Tikka T3s. Hadn't seen or heard of this company before - it looks like their stocks are all laminated wooden stocks. I'm trying to keep my Tikka's as light as possible - thus the interest in a lighter weight composite aftermarket stock.

There have been a few threads on the Tikka T3s and aftermarket stocks over the past 1-2 years on this Forum, and there really haven't been many aftermarket stock options identified.
I was looking for a lightweight stock for my Tikka T3 lite as well. This is what I found a couple of months ago:

MPI can install a featherweight style stock on your Tikka T3, or Lone Wolf can also install a Summit stock on your Tikka T3. I believe McMillan may come out with an Edge style hunting stock for the Tikka T3 around this summer. Then again, Manners has the MCS-T4 available now. Manners' MCS-SL (i.e. super light) may be available by May of this year.
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