Tikka 300 WSM/ Hornady SST Review


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Dec 21, 2011
Hey guys..I just wanted to share with you all my results from a loooong road of testing loads for my gun. I just bought this used tikka t3 from a guy. Its the 300 wsm stainless. The barrel was not properly broke in but i bought it anyways. I worked for over a month with accubonds and dif powders tryin to get a good group. My best was 1 inch at 100 yds.. I recently switched to a Hornady 180 Gr SST and Im very impressed with the results. I just started reloading 2 months ago and i have been hooked ever since! There is so much to learn, Many of you guys havre answerd my questions and helped me . So i figured i would post my results. I Plan on sending this balistic data out to Kenton Insudsties and havbing them make me a turret for my leupold. I have been in a rush to find a load because i need to get the cap made in time for my elk hunt this october... I have heard mixed reviews about the SST. But at this point im going with what shoots straight. I have NEVER shot groups this tight and im about on cloud 9.. I finally found a shooter! tell me what you guys think... in my opinon... its not to bad for a used little carry gun. All shots were at 100 yds. and both powders shoot about 2900FPS. I chronoed each shot from both powders and each shot was within 25 FPS of eachother. gedon.jpg
It really is a cool feeling when you dial in your first rifle :) . You know thats going to cost you a pile of cash . Need a new rifle now!
Congrats, those are great 100 yard groups. I would still shoot them at 200 yards and 300 yards just to be sure you know where they group at longer distances.

Good luck,
Man that is awsome I am Glad you found one that works for you.
You are right Reloading is very addicting and very self gratifying.

I have shot sst in my 06 and they are very devistating.

And if you keep shooting like that your elk is as good as dead once you have him in the cross hairs.
Man, those are some AWESOME loads buddy! Very nice shooting right there. I wouldn't worry about the SST's. You make a hit in the lungs and you'll be packing elk!

Eastmans just did a good review on bullets and the SST's did a pretty good job. I wouldn't be scared a bit by using them. Great work with that rifle. I would say you are really ready for some hunting now!
I shot alot of crop damage deer this spring with a Sako 7RM using Hornady 139 Superperformance SST's. Animals hit 200yrds and under either fell down and got back up and limped off or ran an average 50-80yrds and fell dead. Most hit at over 200yrds fell dead. I think that this round is so fast that it went thru the animal , at the closer ranges, without much expansion. This was factory ammo and probably had to do more with the powder than the bullit.
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