We need to let a flock of guineas loose at range to eat all the ticks. Our neighbors have them and always happy to see them around my place eating the bugs!
My daughter and her husband have chickens, guineas and ducks that roam the acreage during the day. No ticks, and this year, no grasshoppers to destroy their plantings.

PA has been bad for several years now.
I was hunting in Nockamixon back in 2018, and had dozens on me, 13 on my fly alone. Ever since then I have sprayed with Sawyer's .5% permethrin insect repellant, and haven't had a single tick problem. I do tape the ankles of my trousers and sleeves at the wrist.

A good friend and one family member both had advanced lyme disease before they were diagnosed. It's ugly and has horrible effects. Both of them took years to fully recover.
More guineas coming soon!
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I heard a muted scream around 2 am this morning. Wife found a tick on her hip. She was helping her Mom with some landscaping yesterday. We have become a “bug haters” lately. Biting flies, mosquitoes, carpenter bees, spiders, wasps, gnats, etc., have us wishing for winter. Not to mention “Africa hot” as another thing to complain about. Rant over……
There’s no reason to give up bow hunting or any hunting due to ticks. Regardless of what time of the year I’ve had ticks on me. They don’t slow down in the winter months. Spray all your outdoor clothes with permethrin and enjoy the outdoors. This is coming from someone who had a terrible time with Lyme. The permethrin will keep the mosquitos off as well, the stuff is amazing. Those of you who have inside dogs or dogs that sleep in your bed, you run the highest risk of getting Lyme. I’ve noticed even on my dog who’s treated, they get on and crawl around but don’t attach themselves. If that happens and your dog comes inside then goes to bed with you, guess what…..you’re getting bit. Best wishes.
I saw a pic of a moose that had so many ticks, they sucked so much blood out if it the ticks killed it.
I seen a documentary about the tick’s on moose and their calves. Adults can usually withstand a tick infestation but calves have a very difficult time dealing with the blood loss.
Years ago my taxidermist put a deer hide into the freezer for a month, pulled it out and anywhere that they crawled into a crease they were still living. It actually took 3 months to kill all of them!
As someone mentioned above clothing treated with sawyers permethrin is the best thing I have found. A 10 minute spin in the dryer on high will make quick work of dispatching the little disease carrying blood suckers.