This will make you sick ...california get ready

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    Nov 12, 2008
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    Jul 10, 2012
    Yeah ... at all started in 2012 when pressure started to build for placing the wolf on the endangered species list for California. Argument includes the fact that the gray wolf is native to California and that this wondering OR-7 should be honored for leading the Oregon wolf population into California. Lots of political maneuvering going on and with the political climate being what it is in California we're likely to see some form of protection approved.
    Greatest problem will be that northern California is cattle country and wolves don't socialize amiably with cattle. There's even been a serious move to legislate prohibition against ranchers killing wolves that kill their cattle and the northern California population (translate to political influence) is much much smaller than the southern part of the state. But California has been successful in pushingng lots of businesses out of state. Our legislature is likely to favor the wolf over the cattle and give the cattle business to Texas.
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    "Argument includes the fact that the gray wolf is native to California"

    Hey ya gotta hand it to those "nuts and fruitcakes" in Ca. GOOD logic!

    So lets extrapolate that logic as the defining evidence needed to make management decisions. So load up some Wyoming buffalo and dump them off in the heart of Fresno valley. They were there before the fruit growers, and let the Native Americans back into downtown LA, must have a burial site there somewhere.
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    It figures he's from Bend. Biggest yuppie/California influenced city in Oregon. What I find interesting is the fact that OR-7 miraculously found a mate hundreds of miles from other wolves and unfortunatly is the proud father of pups. A lot of folks around here think the female was planted.