Thanks to all of you


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Jun 11, 2005
Yakima, Washington
Guys, and gals, I'd like to take a bit of your time to thank all of you that make it easier to keep this site the best of its kind on the web.

Len and I read a LOT of threads and posts but don't get to every single one of them but.....somebody usually reads just about every post and a lot of you have been very helpful with reporting spam, junk posts and stuff that just plain belongs in the round file. It is very helpful when you report a post or thread as it may be one that we haven't read yet and some of them are the type that need to be deleted immediately.

In the upper right corner of each post there is a small white triangle with a red outline and if you click on this you can report a thread/post that needs attention or you can leave a message for us if you need a post or thread changed or even deleted.

I receive a lot of PMs and offline emails and really appreciate it. Don't ever think you're bugging anyone with a report or request. That's why we're here and your help really makes our job easier.

I also would like to express my appreciation for your co-operation and understanding with the recent rules changes. Just try to remember that there's quite often a lot of stuff that you don't see or read that leads up to some of the decisions. In the end it's all about keeping this site at the top of the heap and that's going great.

I can remember in the not too distant past when I could go away for a few hours to do some shooting and come back later in the day or the next morning and could read all of the new posts on a single page and have room left over. Now it's not unusual to come back after a few hours and see 2 or 3, or more, pages of new posts and threads. This is what keeps Len smiling and the membership numbers going up.

Again thanks and good shooting. :)


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