Texas Pronghorn Hunt-07


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Oct 12, 2007
San Antonio, TX USA
OK, I'll play! The board keeps getting better! I am in the middle of changing companies and have been off the board for a bit.

Some of my running buds and I went up to the Texas panhandle last season for a speed goat hunt. I ended up taking mine at 292 yards with my 7mm STW. This season we are headed to Colorado for pronghorns.

We hunted within a stones throw of the Oklahoma border (it scares me to get that close to Oklahoma). The ranch has the original headquarters for and is locacted on what used to be the XIT Ranch. The XIT was the largest fenced ranch in the world.......3 million acres. How would you like to have to ride that fence line? They got the 3 millions acres for constructing the State Capital.


My pronghorn.


Only in Texas

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