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    Feb 13, 2013
    I'm looking to get into long range shooting as a way to increase my time on the range and behind a firearm. All of my prior experience has been with handguns and ARs, so this is going to be a learning experience. Plus, it's getting increasingly difficult to find a range in my area that allows one to really work with an AR. Couple that with non-existent ammo and AWB threats, I decided to open up to long range. I'm starting from zero and have no rifle, so this should be fun. I'll be reading a lot and posting little if any.

    ETA: Since I don't yet own a suitable rifle, I'm completely open to suggestions. I'm aware of the positive attributes of .308, but that ammo is a little hard to find right now. I'd certainly like to hear other caliber recommendations, especially those for which ammo is now available and should "always" be available.