Test RL26 in 7mm Remington Magnum


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Dec 12, 2005
I normally don't post load data cause you guys here are just starting to shoot at the distances I have bout quit at, LOL.

I shoot at 5-600 yds max distance, LOL.

Just info for any of you thinking on the new RL26 for the 7mm RM.

7mm Remington Magnum Sendero SF with 26" barrel. This gun has always been basically a 100fps slow from most load data and factory ammo rated speed. Most top max loads reach about 3,100fps at best with 140gr bullet. It has always hovered at average moa accuracy not much worse, not much better, til NOW.

Using Alliants load data I worked up to max load of 71.2gr as manual listed as max with no pressure signs. This load twice grouped 3 shots at .5 moa on separate range trips. Avg fps was at 3,172 with ES of 18 both times in 34 degree temps. Did not photo either of those 2 groups.

Then Saturday decided to up .6 grain to 71.8 (over listed max) to see what if on pressure. Primers were a bit flatter but no extractor mark or hard bolt lift. Now this time avg fps was only 3,174 but ES was 6fps on 4 shot group at basically same temp of like 35 degrees. Group about the same, fps about the same as the first two groups just lower ES.

I don't understand quite yet why fps stayed the same, may be that I just ran out of barrel length? Not sure but know RL26 has shot the best groups this gun has ever shot..........

Really unusual in that when you open powder container it smells like latex paint for lack of better description, shot cases have NO gun powder smell at all.

Magneto Speed chronograph was used.

Load data:
140 Accubond
71.8 RL26
WLRM Primer
New Nosler Brass
COAL 3.26
3,174 fps
35 degree temps

100 yard target 4 shots