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SOLD/EXPIRED Tasco Tactical MILDOT 8-40X56-Japan

Hi John, I will take the scope per your asking price and per our conservation. Thanks, Mike [email protected] 660-621-4771
i will send my address in a EMAIL to you here is more info on what you bought.This is a Tasco Tactical TAC840x56 scope made in Japan by Hakko. This is a military contract scope for the US NAVY and has excellent optics.Hakko also made scopes for Isreali Military. This scope has a 30MM tube with 2 sunshades it is new old stock. The sunshades have never been screwed onto the scope. This is a High Quality scope Great for tactical, targer or sniper. This scope sold for $799.00 when $799.00 bought a great scope. 8 To 40 Power and 10 YDS - 800 YDS to infinity. With this range 10 - 1000 Yards W/ 8 to 40 Power This scope is AWSOME THANKS JOHN